Hello! Welcome to this site!


I am working as an artist in the visual field, as musician and poet/writer. This is some of my drawings, collages + paintings. I am convinced that art and music can change the world for the better. So I would like to see my work become a part of a bigger picture. Presumably even help to enforce a message of love. As long as I can remember I have been drawing, painting and made music. I have many songs in my catalogue and made my own recordings, some samples you can hear here. But even merrier is to play (mostly guitar) together with others. The band Duns started off in 1999 and has worked on and off since then. We had a couple of concerts and have made a lot of recordings from rehearsals, some of wich you can listen to. We play free rock combined with reading poetry. 

Back in 1972 I borrowed my fathers camera, a Rolleiflex, and took a series of photographs of Stockholm at the time. You can see them here as a slideshow: Fotografier 

Feel free to email a comment or whatever, see Kontakt.